திரு. சுனில் கன்னங்கர
மாவட்ட செயலாளர்

Performing the development and administration activities and coordinating according to the government policies maintain the welfare of the people to a commendable level by helpingcontemporary social needs.

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திரு. கே.சி. நிரோஷன்
கூடுதல் மாவட்ட செயலாளர்

Strengthening the district administration through guiding the activities of divisional secretary’s and other institutes in the district under the approval of the district secretary.


திருமதி எம்.எம்.கே.டில்ருக்சி வல்பொல
உதவி மாவட்ட செயலாளர்

Performing assisting duties to development and administration activities under the guidance of District Secretary and Additional District Secretary and maintaining internal administration to a commendable level.

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திருமதி. பி.பி. லொக்குகலப்பத்தி
பிரதம கணக்காளர்

Doing financial management to perform development, welfare, disaster relief and administration in the district to a commendable level and doing the financial responsibility for people through the financial report.

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திரு.கே.ஜி.எச். சேனக பி சில்வா
பணிப்பாளர் (திட்டமிடல்)

Developing on going in depth knowledge of district planning issues and priorities through communication with the government policies,organizations and communities to provide professional planning leadership and management of staff within the single planning development team, with a clear emphasis on performance delivery, continues improvement and customer services to a commendable level.

Our Vision

Prominent District of Good Governance & Sustainable Development

Our Mission

  • Direct the District to Empower Human Life through
  • Creative & Innovative Resource Management

Sri Jayawardhanapura was the capital of Kotte Kingdom which was founded in 1412. After 1551 the increasing power of the Portuguese became a threat to the independence of Sri Lanka. After the demise of King Buwanekabahu they were able to secure the power of Kotte Kingdom. Their choice as the center of administration was the city of Colombo. Colombo Fort was considered to be the Naval Headquarters and the center of local administration while Pettah became a habitat area.

The city of Colombo was the center of administration throughout Portuguese regime. In the year 1833 the English declared the city of Colombo as the capital Ceylon, There are so many historical places in Colombo District. Some of them are Korathota Raja Maha Viharaya, Kotte Raja Maha Viharaya and Pattini Dewalaya at Nawagamuwa. Both the administrative capital (Sri Jayawardhanapura Kotte) and the commercial capital (City of Colombo) are situated in Colombo District. There are also very rural areas in Colombo District such as villages in Seethawaka and Padukka Divisional Secretariat Divisions.

Colombo is the most highly populated district in Sri Lanka. According to the census reports in 2001 the population was 2,251,274. Colombo District is divided in to 13 Divisional Secretariat Divisions and their activities are coordinated and supervised by the Colombo District Secretariat. Colombo District is a combined mixture of mountains, plains and marsh lands. North and East parts of the district are mountainous whereas East and South-East parts are surrounded by marsh lands. City of Colombo is connected by a network of canals and at the heart of the city is the Beira Lake.

The total extent of the Colombo District is 675 sq. km.

Boundaries of the Colombo District

  • North - Kelani River (Gampaha District)
  • South - Bolgoda River (Kalutara District)
  • West - Coast line
  • East - Sabaragamuwa Province


Colombo District has mild weather conditions without extremes throughout the whole year. The maximum temperature is about 31 degrees Celsius (88 degrees Fahrenheit) during the months of March and April and the minimum temperature is about 22 degrees Celsius (72 degrees Fahrenheit). The monsoon seasons are from March to August and from October to January during which time very heavy thunder showers can be expected. The annual rainfall is about 2400mm.

Name List of The Government Agent's

No. Name From To
1 C.P. Leyard 01.10.1851 19.02.1879
2 Fedrick Richard Saunders 19.02.1879 18.10.1890
3 Ogastin Rolinse Dawsan 18.10.1890 20.09.1897
4 Fransis Robert Ellis 20.09.1897 01.03.1902
5 George Mrick Fawlar 01.03.1902 01.12.1905
6 Henri Leyton Croford 01.12.1905 11.07.1907
7 Leynard William Booth 11.07.1907 16.04.1908
8 Henri William Fedrick 16.04.1908 28.02.1909
9 Charlis Thomas Doain wigos 28.12.1909 01.01.1911
10 H.W.F.Kotinham Broadharst 01.01.1911 04.01.1912
11 John Jeorge Fraser 04.01.1912 02.02.1913
12 Arthur Samson Pagdon 02.02.1913 12.08.1913
13 Herbet Reaner Freeman 12.08.1913 22.07.1914
14 John Jeorge Fraser 22.07.1914 04.12.1915
15 Howard Ormi Fox 04.12.1915 15.04.1916
16 John Jeorge Fraser 15.04.1916 01.12.1923
17 Robert Nieman Thayin 01.12.1923 09.01.1929
18 Edward Turner Milinton 09.01.1929 31.03.1931
19 Wedderburn Maxwel Maclagan 31.03.1931 07.04.1932
20 Marcus Meaburn 07.04.1932 26.07.1937
21 Hobday Wilfrid Ernest 26.07.1937 06.11.1939
22 Stevens Willium Osworld 06.11.1939 01.08.1940
23 Hobday Wilfrid Ernest 01.08.1940 28.01.1946
24 Kumaaraswami Velupille 28.01.1946 15.12.1947
25 Danielle reginold Yung 15.12.1947 04.02.1948
26 Kumaaraswami Velupille 04.02.1948 04.10.1949
27 L.L. Hunter 04.10.1949 02.12.1949
28 W. Homes 02.12.1949 10.07.1950
29 B.S. Perera 10.07.1950 09.10.1950
30 W. Homes 09.10.1950 07.07.1951
31 R.H.D.Manders 01.10.1951 30.09.1952
32 G.P.Thambaiyah 23.10.1952 22.04.1954
33 V.S.M de Mel 22.04.1954 13.07.1957
34 A.S.Kohoban Wickrama 19.07.1957 25.09.1957
35 G.P. Thambaiyah 01.10.1957 13.10.1964
36 B.H. de Zoysa 01.11.1964 30.06.1965
37 V.D.V.Mahathnathila 01.07.1965 30.01.1968
38 Palitha E. Weeraman 01.02.1968 30.06.1968
39 D.R.Umagaliya 01.07.1968 03.07.1970
40 Dankan V. de Alwis 04.07.1970 31.05.1975
41 M.W.Amarasekara 01.06.1975 04.10.1978
42 N.M.A. Nawarathna 05.10.1978 31.05.1987
43 Wimaladarma Ekanayaka 01.06.1987 31.12.1989
44 T.K. Dasanayake 01.01.1990 16.04.1990
45 Sanath R. Weerakoon 17.04.1990 27.10.1999
46 W.K.K. Kumarasiri 28.10.1999 23.12.2001
47 G.A.J.Sylvester 24.12.2001 10.01.2011
48 S.Hapuarachchi 11.01.2011 27.09.2011
49 H.T.Kamal Pathmasiri 14.11.2011 12.09.2015
50 Sunil kannangara 09.11.2015