VISION - Entrepreneurship and Small Enterprises Development for sustainable growth.


MISSIONProvide maximum contribution for the National Development in Sri Lanka

  • Motivate unemployed youth to access field of enterprises
  • Enhance entrepreneurial capabilities in youth
  • Improve efficiency and productivity of enterprises
  • Provide supportive services for development of enterprises


  • To create “Local Entrepreneurial Culture” through the development of entrepreneurial capabilities in youth
  • To generate job opportunities and uplift living standards of youth through identification of new enterprise opportunities and guide to start enterprises
  • To generate more job opportunities and increase income level in youth through improving the efficiency and productivity of youth’s enterprises.
  • To provide active contribution to ensure the effectiveness and consistency of micro and small enterprises


Road Map

Small Enterprises Development Division was established in the year 1982 with the objective of implementing suitable programs to assist generation of enterprises in the sectors with potential for economic development of the country and to assist development of already existing small enterprises originally. At present it is functioning as a separate division under the Ministry of Youth & Sports. It runs offices in each district and these offices are located within the premises of District Secretariats and Divisional Secretariats in the respective districts in order to facilitate the entrepreneurs to obtain their required services.


Main Duty of Colombo District Small Enterprises Development Division.

  • Assisting young people in the district to start new businesses in potential areas.
  • Provide necessary services and facilities for the development of existing business in the district.



Main Units of Colombo District Small Enterprises Development Division

 To deliver Entrepreneurship oriented services SED Colombo has formed following six units recently